Terms & Conditions

 Car booking
The required booking fee is 30€ and is later included in the rental bill.
The booking fee is non-refundable.
It is payable only after reception of confirmation either via e-mail or phone.

Minimum rental period
The minimum rental period – one day.
The minimum rental period for a car with a driver – one day.
Required Documents
A renter must hold: a valid driving license and a passport / ID card.

Payment and Deposit
The Deposit amounts for 120 – 200 €, varies depending on the vehicle class.
Payments for car rental services could be made  in cash or by bank transfer.

Requirements for drivers
A Renter must hold a driving license for at least null years.

Car Insurance
All vehicles are insured with the Civil Liability insurance and CASCO insurance
for any damage caused by third parties. Vehicle passengers are insured as well.
Renter‘s responsibility in the event of a car theft or a car accident
Renter‘s responsibility in the event of a car theft or a car accident is 120 – 200€
(varies depending on the vehicle class).

Mileage and destinations
Car mileage is limited to 400km in the day, the car can only be used in Lithuania,
or need to get Autohausrent written consent.

Alternative vehicle
If a vehicle cannot be used any further due to technical problems or a car accident,
Autohausrent  will provide an alternative vehicle to a renter.
This is the case, if a renter is not responsible (declared guilty)
for the situation mentioned previously.

Technical assistance
Free of charge technical assistance is provided 24/7.
All vehicles are hired with a full tank of fuel.
If a vehicle is returned not with a full tank, a Renter must pay for the missing fuel
and a fixed pay of 15 €.

Unexpected circumstances
In the event of unexpected circumstances Autohausrent reserves a right
to cancel a vehicle reservation (due to technical problems) on a prior notice.