Car rental in Vilnius

auto-nuoma-vilniujeIf you are a frequent guest in our capital and here you come for the purposes of business or to visit your relatives, you should think of car rental, especially when you travel a lot and constantly are in a hurry. Sometimes, you can hear an opinion that car rental in Vilnius is expensive and you should rather choose alternative travelling methods. However, have you ever tried to travel from point A to point B or C, etc. by taxi for the whole day? If yes, you certainly know this “pleasure” can cost your wallet as a whimsical woman. While public transport is not a companion for your time.

Is car rental in the capital splendour?

Unambiguous answering “yes” or “no” would be difficult because it depends on the car you select, terms and conditions of the company hiring the car and your own financial possibilities. True, even with a rough review of the statistics for several years, it is seen that car rentals in Vilnius have a tendency to go cheaper. The greatest influence on these changes is definitely competition, which forces even the largest companies to lower their prices to be attractive and acceptable for their customers. Consequently, everyone having the right to drive a car can find an optimal version for him/her after a thorough search.

How is the car rental price calculated?

How much the car rental will cost depends on many factors. First of all, a technical condition of the car is estimated, according to which car depreciation and investments required for further maintenance of the car are calculated. Besides, expenses of car insurance are also evaluated. A significant role is played by the year of vehicle manufacture – the newer car is the more you will have to pay for its rental.

The car rental rate is defined by its make as well. Let’s say Lexus, Mercedes-Benz or BMW is considered as prestigious vehicles; therefore, their price is higher, while that fact increases the rental costs as well. Accordingly, if you want to save and conveniently drive through the streets of our capital, you should choose more economic and simple cars, for example, Ford or Skoda. Because comfort aspects such as heated seats, rear view equipment, climate control, etc., also have an influence on the car rental rate. True, you should note that fuel consumed by the car is your own problem. Pursuant to the agreement, usually you have to return the car filled with fuel amount, which was in the vehicle before its rental.

Car rental in Vilnius like in the whole world is business; therefore, it is not totally surprising that the owner of the car rents it not because of entertainment. If a large amount of money has been invested in a four-wheeled human friend, it is naturally there is a desire to recover it as soon as possible. The truth is that the expected return on a vehicle is quite ling; however, this service facilitates your travelling in the city and you save your time. The saying “Time is money” is not waste!