About car rental services

Do you need a car for a day, a week, a month or half a year? Please contact with us and we shall provide you an offer, which suits your requirements the most. We have a park of 13 automobiles; therefore, you will be really able to select one.

We suggest renting a car from us because: About car rental services

  • Our cars are of good working order and durable;
  • We rent only effective cars with low fuel consumption;
  • Excellent price and quality ratio;
  • We negotiate car rental prices in order to satisfy the needs of the most vagarious clients;
  • We can offer cars of all classes – for daily needs, and luxury and prestigious;
  • Cars are always in a good order and clean;
  • Favourable terms and conditions for car acceptance and return.
  • Our company has been working in Lithuanian market for several years; therefore, we know our work very well, and nicely communicate with our clients. Our prices are neither very high nor very low. We know the real price of these services in Vilnius; therefore, we shall offer a solution acceptable for both parties.

All cars have CASCO insurance policies, so you can fearlessly drive throughout Lithuania or near abroad. For a “green” card please consult our manager.

Car rental can solve your problems very fast if suddenly you have lost your vehicle. A lot of clients have tried this service, and most of them are satisfied with both the car and servicing quality. Join the circle of our satisfied clients as well!